Monday, October 8, 2007

Work smarter, not harder

Justin and I worked on a massive Halloween project yesterday, the front facade of our Frightmare Mansion...the finished project:

Ok - well Justin did most of the work, I provided a source for Justin to bounce ideas off of and my specialty, painting help. We spray painted the gray and then we hand painted the black lines. This facade is massive and jets into our driveway about 4 feet. And this is just part of the wood from the trade show booth (see past posting here, it's # 5 on the list)

Before Justin needed my help, I decided to finish spray painting our trailer. It was a bit rusty on top and we are trying to sell it, so why not make it look as good a possible right? Well, as I was doing that and while Justin was working on that huge facade, we had a few boys from the neighborhood standing around and watching and asking lots of questions. Then one of the boys offered to help spray paint the trailer with me, then the two others declared their intention to help as well.

Well, who am I to say no to free help? That and my pointer finger couldn't even bend at that point because of severe and complete finger muscle overuse and subsequent finger failure. And I just happen to have three spray cans, three boys - so I let them go at it. Justin noticed my non-workingness and started to laugh and called me "Tom Sawyer." Too right.

These are the boys:

This is the job they did, not too shabby...

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