Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vision board

Back in April I bought the video "The Secret." I really liked it, all the positive thinking; it makes sense to me. Now, I'm not sure if I believe 100% of it, but why the heck not try it, right? What could I loose?

So I spent the past couple of weeks coming up with a list of things that I want. I didn't worry about how to get them, I just focused on what I want. I came up with 6 different areas. Grabbed some pictures online and Photoshoped myself a vision board. I have put a big one up in our computer room, our bathroom and a tiny version at work. And I have decided to post it here as an example in case you want to figure out what you want most in life and make one for yourself. Plus it is a "stepping outside the box" for me...I usually keep these things pretty quiet - "if I don't try I won't fail" kind of attitude and I won't have to be embarrassed if you are judging what I want most in life.

Well here is the thing - there has been a couple lessons that has presented itself over and over again to me over the past few months. I think I have finally gotten it (everyone has their own time to learn lessons, some in childhood, some a lot later than childhood): The first lesson, loosing is ok. As in playing games, I don't always have to win. Even if the other person or team throws it in my face (I'm NOT talking about Justin here, in case you think I am), it is still ok. The second lesson, and this is more freeing than anything I have ever learned: I don't have to care about opinions that I don't agree with. I just don't have to take them to heart and listen to them. So I am posting this regardless of how silly or unattainable some of you may think these things are. But just because something may seem unattainable, doesn't mean that I (or you) can't want them.

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