Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh my, so many things to post

Okay where do I start?

Table of Contents:
  1. Chamber Mixer
  2. Neighborhood Party
  3. Fernley Dog Park
  4. Buying a business
  5. Trade show booth
  6. Mister Robinson
1. Chamber Mixer - as you saw on my previous post, I was preparing by cooking in mass quantities for our Chamber of Commerce Mixer. And the mixer went, well, just okay. We had about 15 people show up and we are grateful for those 15. But by our standards, far from a success. We aren't sure why more people didn't show up, but all in all, this was about average for the amount of people to show up to a mixer. Yet still, we are disappointed. However, there was a great write up about our party that was sent to all of the 400 chamber of commerce members:

"A good time was had by all!"

A good time was had by all who attended the Hawaiian style evening at the
headquarters of host business, Hanly's Hounds. As the sun went down over
the Virginia Hills, Chamber members continued to play darts and pool. No
doubt these new social and business connections will lead to future
activities in Fernley.

Hanly's Hounds is a locally based company offering personalized services
to both residents and businesses in maintaining their properties and the
health of their pets. They offer what is delicately called a "poop
patrol" in addition to services such as pet sitting, dog walking and a
pet taxi service in Fernley, Nevada and the surrounding areas.

Chamber President Robert Bidlake presented the Hanly's with a certificate
of appreciation, echoing mutual praise to the very generous selection of
tasty appetizers and beverages which were served by our hosts, Justin
and Melanie Hanly. Introductions were also made to the couple's
well-behaved pets.
Much to the delight of attendees, throughout the evening, drawings
continued to be held for raffle prizes. Indeed this dynamic team would
make great professional party planners.

If you would like to give chamber members an opportunity to get to know
you and your business on a personal level, please contact Melinda
Phillips at the Chamber, 575-4459, for information on how to be placed on
the future calendar of events.

For further details or to arrange a consultation with Hanly's Hounds
visit: The firm donates 5% of its profits
to pet adoption agencies.

THANK YOU HANLY'S HOUNDS!!!! are some pictures from our Chamber Mixer:

I made about 150 chicken skewers. My hands were in chicken juice for so long they got chicken juice.

This is Justin licking the mixer after I mixed my filling for the fruit pizza, a filling of cream cheese and marshmallow fluff...super yum!

Carol's Black Bean and Corn Salad - a good looking dish for sure and super tasty!

We served some dips and stuff in dog bowls (new and unused of course)

And as stated in a previous post of mine, we did fill the medicine cabinet with dog treats and other goodies, set up by Justin

You can check out lots more photos here:

2. Neighborhood Party - Because we had so few people show up to our Chamber Mixer, we had more than we expected left over for our "left overs" party the next day. We figured that we would invite some immediate neighbors, but we had enough left over for the whole we went door to door and personally invited our whole block. Loads of people came...we had about 30 people come joint the fun. That party was well worth all of the effort that Justin and I put in to cooking and cleaning, not to mention the cost.

3. Fernley Dog Park - I have been in touch with the assistant planner of Fernley to work on getting a dog park going in Fernley. Currently we don't have one and desperately need one. And in an effort to get downtown Fernley looking more like what a proper downtown should look like, the City and Mayor sent out a survey to ask what our thoughts were about what it should look like and what other things we would like to see in town. I am one of the many who mentioned a dog park. But I also mentioned that Hanly's Hounds would pooper scoop the dog park for free as long as we were able to put a sign up there. Well, that was the straw that broke this Planners back. She wants to get the ball rolling. So she and I emailed over the course of a couple of days, she got in touch with the Park and Rec department and found out that there is a 4 acre parcel that would be perfect, except for a couple of things. (1) It needs to be used for equestrian use. (2) There isn't any funding to build this dog park. (3) We would need to convince the Park and Recs department to section off a part of the 4 acres for the dog park.

So guess who is the new fund raiser for the new dog park? Thats right folks, me. So the Planner is going to price out fencing, benches, garbage cans, etc...and figure out how much money we will need. Now I plan on contacting all of our customers as well as all of the people who responded to the survey to see what money I can raise. Also, I would like to see if Hanly's Hounds could raise the most money of all the businesses who might donate money to see if the park can be named after us: Hanly's Hounds Dog awesome would that be??? We'll see what happens.

4. Buying a business - I may have mentioned in this blog or to at least a few of you that we were thinking about purchasing a pooper scooper's business about 45 minutes away from here and grow our business. We met with the gentleman yesterday and have decided to not pursue that purchase...for several reasons but mostly he is asking way too much money for such a little that is now a moot point.

5. Trade show booth - So Justin found on Craigslist someone who was giving away two trade show booths, cabinets, carpet, etc. And of course Justin had to have it. Not only would it be cabinetry for our garage, he said, but some of it could also be used for Halloween, he said. Great...where are we going to store all of it? But I figured that all in all, it wouldn't be that show booths, right...there isn't much to them right, just some facades, cardboard, etc. Justin and his friend Scott (who went to pick them up today) thought the same thing. We borrowed my Mom's trailer, Justin hooked it up to the Explorer....and they went down to Reno to pick them up.

The guys on who were there to help Justin and Scott load the crated material onto the trailer, apparently started laughing when he saw the size of the trailer...way, way, way too small. Justin said that some of the crates that held these trade show booths, were big enough for him to get inside and do jumping jacks in. And these booths were NOT made of cardboard, nope, nope, nope...wood. Lots of wood. Here let me show you a couple of pictures:

Now mind you this stuff they were able to get on the trailer came in only 3 of the 8 total crates. Justin and Scott have to return to Reno next week to get the second and third loads. Justin does know that if there is anything that can't be used for cabinetry, our home office or Halloween (without taking up too much room in the garage) will need to be given away or sold. So hang tight people, there are probably loads of things for the taking...the only catch, you have to pick it up.

But I guess Justin and Scott found something really, really, really funny. There was a bunch of carpet that Scott decided he would want for his garage...well come of it came in the longest duffel bag they had ever seen....

This can fit numerous pairs of skis end to end.

6. Mister Robinson - I have a dear friend from high school that I have kept in touch with over most of the years...Mr. Sean Robinson. The last time we spoke, and I feel bad about this, was for his 30th birthday (he said that calling me and talking to me for hours was his 30th birthday present to himself), unfortunately it was only 3 weeks after my Dad killed himself and I was wrapped up in all of that drama and that subject really dominated our 3 hour conversation. And because I was going through what I was going through (I stopped being so social), Sean and I lost touch. Until the other day. He finally set up a Myspace account and found me on I am looking forward to MANY conversations with him that will maybe at the most span a week or two absence from the next call and not 3 years because I do miss my dear friend. So Sean, if you are reading this...thank you for inviting me back into your life. And thank you for sharing your 30th birthday with me and making me feel better...your words always stay with me Frizzle Fry.

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