Thursday, October 11, 2007

Phone call

Last night it started. The beginnings of our massive media blitz. We received a phone call from the Fernley Leader Courier at 5:30 last night. I was asked about 20 questions and then asked if they could come by tomorrow (today) and take our picture in front of our Frightmare Mansion. Of course they can! Anytime they want. The minute I hung up the phone, Justin starts: we need to get x y z and a b c done before tomorrow. So we start. I painted 8 flags (to put up on our "castle" facade) and then the front of the castle arch with "Frightmare Mansion" in cool "sanctuary" font. (By the way, there are LOADS of free fonts out there if you search for them, and LOADS of fonts specifically for Halloween.) By almost 9:00 pm last night we were done. And today, I'm painting my toes so I can wear open toed shoes for our picture for the newspaper, because, you know, that is exactly what everyone will be looking at - not the huge castle behind me.

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