Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ugh...the terror!

I was catching up with an old friend from Jr. High and High School (goodness, I LOVE Facebook) and he asked me about an incident I had COMPLETELY blocked from my memory.

He reminded me of the microwaved egg incident.

Back Story: When I was in Jr. High, we had some hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator and I had peeled it but I wanted the chill taken off, so I decided to put it in the microwave, for like 10 seconds. Then it happened - I didn't even realize what happened because it was something so inconceivable that I thought someone had shot a gun in our house. The egg exploded in my face when I took the first bit. Then the pain hit...and oh the pain. And the was HUGE. And did I mention the pain?

This is what Hai wrote on my Facebook page to jog my memory: "I know this is totally random but was it you that burnt your lip back in junior high from microwaving an egg? If it was, I have saved many lives from the same ordeal by mentioning this tragic event=)."

Hai, thank you for telling others about this awful incident - and now that I remember what it is, I am also spreading the word.

To everyone else, please learn from my stupidity and never, never do this - unless you put a toothpick in the egg to defuse the heat...but even then, just cut it in half and heat it up. Save yourself the pain (did I mention the pain?) and just don't do it.

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