Monday, March 9, 2009

Things I can't help but imagine

Mighty Girl is a blog I read. She made this list after she took the idea from someone else, so I'm following suit.
  • Blood coming out of the shower spout
  • Seeing a ghost in a mirror in the dark (much like Bloody Mary - thanks Catholic school days)
  • Somebody coming to kill me when I'm in our Haunted House by myself
  • Having Justin to tell me to hide in the closet in the middle of the night and not come out no matter what I hear
  • Justin calling me and telling me he has been in an accident and that he wanted to tell me he loves me one last time
  • A spider hiding in the toilet
  • A giant spider as big as our house coming for me
  • One of our pugs jumping up towards my face and breaking my nose

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