Friday, March 13, 2009

Travel Suggestion

I have a Gmail account and a Google homepage where I have all of my stuff that I like to read everyday: Facebook status updates, Email updates, RSS feed, World News, People Magazine News, Dear Abby, Weather, Recipes, get the idea, right?

Under weather I have several locations that I like to see:
  1. Fernley, NV - it's where I live, I like to see how big the discrepancy is between what is predicted and the real thing.
  2. San Jose, CA - I like to see what weather we could be experiencing if we didn't move.
  3. Vancouver, WA - I like to see what the weather would be like IF we moved.
  4. Placerville, CA - I like to see what type of weather my sister is experiencing.
I looked at the weather today and for some reason, my San Jose link now has Ermont, IDF on there. Where? Oh, that would be near Paris. As in Paris, France. I think my Internet Browser is trying to tell me I should go to Paris.

I may just do that. How many Internet Browsers can be wrong?


Carol said...

OMG - I look up your weather too lots of times....and San Jose, and Truckee to see what it's like over the pass, and South Lake Tahoe (you know, all of the routes to get to Fernley). Too funny!

zoliepup said...

I'm adding you to my blog roll. I had no idea you lived so close to home!