Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've been super busy. Not just a little busy, but super busy.

Things that have happened lately/will be happening:
  1. I'm installing a new computer system for work, not just any computer system but the Grand-daddy of all computer systems, well, that is how I think of it anyway. So I've been training on the phone almost everyday in addition to doing all of my normal work. I have had little time to even think lately, and even less desire to be on a computer when I don't actually have to (Facebook doesn't count though, I always have time for that!)
  2. I keep putting off doing our taxes because I don't want to enter in all of 2008s expenses into Quickbooks for our business. Ugh...I did start today, sorting through all of our recipets and getting those in order (half the battle). And next weekend will be two stages: entering receipts and doing our taxes. Hey, does anyone want to come over for a party? (Any excuse to not do them.)
  3. Justin's parents have been up skiing a couple of times in the past 3 weeks. I don't ski, well, I've skied once and that was enough for me. Although, Justin keeps asking me to try it again. I may, I totally trust him with my well being and know that he is mortally afraid of me getting hurt, because he knows I will blame him. Fear sometimes is a good thing.
  4. We went down to San Jose for a couple of awesome games at the Sharks Tank. Justin's Mom won a box for a San Jose Sharks game and Stealth game. It was amazing. Shark's won, so did the Stealth. And it was amazing watching the games from the box...if you ever throw a party and want to do it up right, get a's awesome!
  5. I've been reading Pillars of the Earth - 973 pages of wonderfulness. I just finished. I highly recommend it for people who do not mind being consumed by such great characters. I was unable to put the book down at points and then when I was finally able to lay it down, I did nothing but think about them. Read it, it's great!
  6. I am now busy with the time change. Not only has it completely caught me off guard this year, but it takes forever to change all of the clocks in the house. And to me, it's just creepy that it's 7pm and still light out in March. Creepy.
  7. Working out. I've actually taken a break this past week due to massive headaches. I will be starting up tomorrow. I guess that is something that I have not been busy with and should not be in this category, oh well.
  8. After I get the taxes done, next Saturday, Justin and I will be starting work on just seems like it was just here. But we need to get new gravestones made, the once we had are falling apart (not in a good way).
And that is it.

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