Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vintage Vanity Nail Polish Holder

My Mother-in-Law, Barbara, has this wonder and unique Nail Polish Holder thingy that I have seen her use at her house many times. It's great because it holds a bottle of nail polish and has a place for you to put your finger and paint it. It is perfect if you use the arm of your couch to paint your nails (as I often do).

So if you look at the pictures the place where you put your finger is on the right (in the first two pictures). The middle 4 prongy thingy is where you put the nail polish and the little container is actually for lipstick, but I will use it like Barbara uses hers and put in an Emory board or two and nail clippers, etc.
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She has had this since she was in Middle School, I think...a neighbor boy gave it to her for her birthday and she has had it for all of these years.

I comment about it each and every time I see it. It is really clever. And for those of us (aka: me) who is always having a difficult time polishing my nails and holding onto the nail polish bottle at the same time, it is absolutely perfect.

When we were staying with Justin's parents over Christmas, she had it in her guest bathroom. Each day of our stay, I kept thinking that I would love to have something half as nice. Well, I asked her if she ever found anything remotely like it, to please buy it for me and I'll pay her back. Two sets of eyes looking around in the world is better than one set, right?

It actually only takes one set of eyes, hers not mine. She found one on ebay. ON EBAY! I've looked for about 6 years for one, never knowing what it would possibly be called. And it took her a split second to find it. She bid on it, won it and it is in the process of being shipped to my house. How awesome is that?!

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