Thursday, January 1, 2009

Television Timer

I made Justin laugh the other night. I never thought anything about it but apparently, according to Justin, I am in the minority. But I get stressed out when he puts on the Television Timer at night. I can't watch him do it or even know that it's on or I will not be able to sleep. It's like the counting sheep thing for me. I can't do it, I get too stressed at thinking the number of sheep I just counted is way to high and I should have been asleep 35 sheep ago. When I told this to Justin he just laughed.

But this reasoning goes along the lines of my personality...I don't like playing timed games...or games that can end because I screw up. Like Tetris. I can't stand it...too much pressure put on me. I can deal with it if the screen is mostly clear. I also have to admit that I need to mute the music. It's too much pressure to have the music get faster and faster. I'm not good under pressure like that, not with hand-eye coordination games.

I also can't stand playing any of the Mario Brother's games because the higher I climb on the screen, the more I get scared I'm going to fall. Ugh! I don't even like watching people play those games. Jumping over open ravines scare me.

I like games where I have control of how badly I do. I'm okay with failing if I have control over it and it's left up to my thinking not my ability to press a button or flip a 2 dimensional L shaped object before it lands upside down on the rest of the bricks. Ugh!

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