Monday, November 24, 2008


My eyebrows are hairy. And so I choose to wax them. Well I should clarify, I CHOSE to wax them myself. Not anymore and I'll tell you why.

About a year ago I was in a beauty supply store and bought myself some microwavable wax:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

My tub had a screw on top. After the first use, I was unable to screw the top back on because it was so stick, so I left it open. I had it sitting on my bathroom counter covered with a small paper plate. The paper plate would do it's duty by keeping the dust out. And I would use this wax about once every few weeks and wax my eyebrows. And all was good in Melanie's world. Until...

We had a house cleaner come back in September to give our house the good cleaning it deserved before a big end of summer BBQ. And I carefully placed my wax underneath my bathroom sink. And all was good in Melanie's world. Until...

I opened the cabinet one day to find that somehow (and I honestly don't know who is responsible for this) grabbed something from the cabinet and caused my wax to tip on its side. And all was NOT right in Melanie's world.

The wax had moved like lava and had encompassed many of my under-the-bathroom-sink-items. My under-the-bathroom-sink-items were caught like flies to fly paper, like gum stuck in your hair, like well...wax stuck on my under-the-bathroom-sink-items.

The wax remained under the sink for a week before I broke the news to Justin. And I only told him because I couldn't figure out a way to clean up the mess myself. And so we pondered the age old question, "How do you get sticky-sticky facial wax unstuck?" We didn't know. I researched and couldn't find an answer. Finally, he decided a putty knife and elbow grease would be the only solution.

I wasn't convinced. So I let the wax sit there for 6 weeks. 6 weeks of watching the wax slowly move towards the lip of the cabinet...soon it would embrace the cabinet door, sealing itself shut in a colossal statement saying "You couldn't clean me up, so I'm shutting myself off to the world."

Then in a moment of pure despair (yesterday), I looked up at Justin with the best puppy-dogged eyes I could muster and begged him to clean it up for me. And even though he was adamant that I clean it up myself - my puppy-dogged eyes worked and he cleaned up the horrible, horrible mess. Although he wasn't happy.

So if you should find yourself in a similar situation... find yourself a putty knife, wax spreading sticks, a garbage bag, elbow grease - or abandon all of those items and get yourself a Knight in Shinning Armour. I say get the latter - and take heed - ALWAYS COVER YOUR WAX CAN!

Justin had already pulled some items out by the time I took this picture:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

Aforementioned Knight in Shinning Armour:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

Aforementioned putty knife, garbage bag and wax spreading sticks:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

Results with putty knife:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

Workin' the putty knife:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

Workin' the wax spreading stick:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

Use of Gigi's "Wax off" lotion (which by the way, only works on skin...not bottom of bathroom cabinets:
From Melanie's Waxy Mess

I do have to mention that the bottom of the cabinet would have been easier to deal with, had we applied contact paper to it...then we could have just removed the contact paper and been done. I should also mention that the wax will not just go away. It is still sticky and we will be putting contact paper down to cover that mess up.


Rish said...

Awwww he loves you.....did you try the hair dryer? :)

Camille said...

Oh my gosh, your hubby is soooo awesome! What a great guy. BTW, try rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky.