Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some thoughts on Prunes

Justin and I were driving back from Disneyland on Tuesday and I wanted to stop and get some fruit on Hwy 5, where there is nothing but cows. We stopped at a gas station and it was awesome because they had dried fruit, dried veggies, nuts, etc. from a semi-local farm. They had a decent selection of dried fruit...cherries, apples, apricots and prunes.

I like prunes. I like them a lot. But for whatever reason, I do not eat them very often (I don't HAVE to, so I enjoy them when I remember how much I enjoy them). And Tuesday, I remembered how much I enjoyed them. But I think I had forgotten about their "effects" on my lower intestines. Prunes apparently effect me in the same way they effect everyone else...why did I think I would be different?

I have learned a very valuable lesson: do not eat 15 prunes while on a road trip. It's just not a smart idea. Especially if you are the type of person who does NOT need the help that prunes so readily provide.

So you would have thought I learned my lesson, right? I have discovered the prunes are my healthy equivalent to a chocolate addiction. I apparently can't help myself when the prunes are around: I just finished off the rest of the prunes this morning, while at work, not in the convenience of my own home. In fact, this short post has taken me about 45 minutes to write, because I keep having to step away from the computer.


Carol said...

Uh yeah, I did that at the Laser Center one day while we were still at the old office. But instead of eating 15 prunes, I ate half of a container of them (you know the ones in the cardboard container with the plastic lid). I must have downed about 40 over the course of an hour or so. I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes after that for the rest of the day and night. And because I FREAKING LOVE PRUNES more than I LOVE BIG MAC's, I certainly did not learn my lesson (I kept eating them). I think Monica even warned me to stop eating them lest I have a bad reaction, but I didn't listen. Shortly after that day the entire container was empty. I still absolutely love prunes but because of their high calorie content and the after effects I don't buy them anymore. So in short, I feel ya sista!

Camille said...

Oh my word! lol. I thought about it when you posted on facebook something about getting dried plums for the road trip. I love prunes too, but I can stop at 2 or 3. :) You and Carol crack me up!