Friday, November 21, 2008

Last 9 days of my Facebook Status

Nov 11th:
  • Melanie is thinking she shouldn't be at's a Holiday.
Nov 12th:
  • Melanie is wondering how a Fed Ex package ended up at the Post Office instead of her house?
  • Melanie is bummed because her post office "lost" her packages. We have a stickied finger mail-person.
  • Melanie is shampooing her makeup brushes, doing laundry then going to bed.
Nov 13th:
  • Melanie is excited to see her sister and great friends on Saturday!
Nov 14th:
  • Melanie is the same as everyone glad it's Friday.
Nov 15th:
  • Melanie is going out of town for an awesome weekend!
  • Melanie is staying at her sisters and is oh so tired!
Nov 17th:
  • Melanie is home now and misses her sister.
  • Melanie is home sick with 101 temp.
Nov 18th:
  • Melanie is feeling better...and on her way to work.
  • Melanie is thinking she has strep. Ugh!
Nov 19th:
  • Melanie is pressing F5 on her internet browser for the Woot Off.
Nov 20th:
  • Melanie just won $100 on the CA lotto - 4 numbers right.
  • Melanie is trying to buy Random Bag of Crap from Woot...servers are too busy! Damn!
  • Melanie is done with the Woot Off - unsuccessful at getting the BOC :(.

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