Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whats better than McDonalds?

We went to McDonalds recently. They were having problems with their credit card/debit machines but didn't realize it. We ordered and then gave them our debit card. An error happened. We thought that maybe the strip on the card had finally worn out. So we gave them our other debit card. Same error. Ok, try our Hanly's Hounds debit card (that is a valid tax deduction, right?). Same error. How about our credit card? Same error.

They were so frustrated...we were so frustrated. The 8 cars behind us were so frustrated. The McDonalds employees gave us our food...FOR FREE! Oh yeah! Free McDonalds.

Gotta love it!


Carol said...

Awesome! Wouldn't it be great if you won something on the monopoly game with that free stuff?

The Scooper said...

Whats funny is a couple days later I went to get lunch and after using that same card realized I had enough cash for the MDs. Out of all the times they get stuff wrong and forget stuff I guess it was tasty justice!

Anonymous said...


Camille said...

Nice... till you get the bill and all of your cards were charged. :( Hope not!