Friday, October 24, 2008

Frightmare Masion Opening

The Hanly household has been a bit crazy the past couple of weeks due to our impending opening night of Frightmare Mansion tomorrow. (Pictures will be posted soon.)

Thankfully, we have had so much help! Three people have come to help us almost every night. I'd like to thank them publicly: Scotty, Chris and Erin. Without you three, we would be so far behind schedule. Scotty has a family with two young children...yet he still finds time to come out and help. Chris and Erin are expecting their first child. Erin, I don't know how you have the energy to put in a full day's work and still come over to our house to help out until 10pm almost every night...I just don't know how you do it. But THANK YOU doesn't seem like enough. We are so greatful to you three. And everyone else who has come out when they have time, we are also thankful: Steve and his girls, Scott, Amanda, Kat. You all ROCK, thank you!

I would also like to publicly thank the companies/people who made generous donations to us: Forma Homes who donated our wooden walls..not only did they donate the wood but also built the walls to spec and delivered them with floor plans! Eternal Image who is donating all of the donation signs, vinyl lettering for our donation box and another special project to be revealed in person (muhhahahaha). Kelly Moore Paint who donated 5 gallons of awesome black paint, Pizza Factory who is donating pizza each night we are open for our hungry actors, Party Plan It for the donation of toys to hand out with our candy, Dollar Store for donating candy, The San Jose Hanly's for donating 8 mp3 players for our sound effects. We know that times are tough and your genoricity to make our Haunted House better is very touching.

Tomorrow we open our doors for the first night and are nearly ready. Justin has to make our "peppers ghost" effect and we still have our cobwebbing to finish (which by the way...the cobweb gun that Justin made, kicks ass! It makes the best looking cobwebs!). We also have to finish our "dead greenhouse" room...write all of the scripts and do the voice recordings on our mp3 players for several effects.

We will open tomorrow with 15 actors and an expected crowd of at least 500 (hopefully more). So it now time for me to take a deep breath and hope that the rest gets done in time and that we all have fun, because that is why we do it, to have fun...well, that and to scare the daylights out of people...muuhahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, that is awesome girly!!! Yay for Frightmare Mansion....:)~Rish