Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How hard is it?

Have you noticed that people, in general, do not say goodbye anymore when ending their conversation on the phone? Many times it is, "OK, thanks" followed by a click. Where is the goodbye? Seriously, if you haven't noticed it, listen for it in your next few phone calls.

This is happening with friends, customers, vendors, etc. Everyone. And I get so mad each time it happens. Where did our manners go? Is it not important to say goodbye to end a phone call, that people can just hang up when they are done, and you might not be? How is this ok to do anymore?

Really, saying "goodbye" is only 2 syllables, takes less than one second to say. Am I not worth less than one second of a person's time? Are you?

I feel like I should call the person who just hung up on me and just say, "goodbye" then hang up on them...that might be just as rude, but at least I said "goodbye" before hanging up.

I'd like an explanation from people who do not say goodbye anymore. Maybe I can be less angry each time if there was a good reasoning out there. Maybe.


Camille said...

Wow, I don't know that I've ever thought about it. I think I do?? Probably just an "okay thanks, bye," or "love ya, bye" Not a full goodbye. I think I only say Goodbye when I'm mad, and then I usually yell it and hang up. :) don't hate me.

Melanie: said...

Oh no, to me "bye" and "goodbye" are the same. People just aren't saying anything to the effect of "goodbye" or "bye"...just "thanks" and click. Thats my point...nothing to denote the end of a conversation. People can use "hasta la vista, baby" if they want to...just something to say, "hey, I'm done with this conversation and I'm going to hang up now."