Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Knee deep in Halloween

We have 12 days left until we open our doors to VIPs on Oct 25th, which means we have to be done 6 days before our normal schedule.

We have actually had to print tickets to get into this private event. 250 tickets, good for up to 6 people each. We did this because our patient, patient neighbors have never seen our Haunted House. So in addition to each of them getting a VIP pass - so will 150 other people. After we started handing out these passes is when we did the math. Potentially up to 1500 people will be coming by on Oct 25th. This will make for a nice, cozy pre-Halloween night, with just a few cars parked on our street and the beautiful sound of a chain-less chainsaw quietly murmuring in the background.

Frightmare Mansion is actually coming along quite nicely. Justin has been doing a fantastic job with the help of our friends. I'm focused on the painting and have been slacking off the past few days. One day of painting out of the last 5 is considered slacking off, right? Right. But I've been working on other fantastic things...I just need to kick up the pace. I have mp3 players to program, music to find and more painting to get done and only one last weekend to do it. Ugh! But it will all be so worth it. So worth it!


Camille said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! What fun!!!