Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twin or No-Twin?

You know how people (who those "people" are I don't know) say that you have a twin out in the world somewhere? Someone who is not related to you but looks just like you. I came across this picture on a website from a fellow haunter here in Fernley. And there is a picture that caught me off guard. Because I think it's my twin. Justin doesn't think this person looks like me, but I do. I'm not sure who to believe, him or me?

So take a look, its the woman in the camo jacket.

And here is a picture of me with the same style of hair.

Am I seeing things that aren't there or could this mystery woman be my twin? I can take the heat if I'm trippin'. So if you don't think so, please be honest.


Carol said...

I don't think so. I agree with Justin. You are much prettier.

Melanie: said...

Well, thanks for the prettier comment, but really, you don't think so? Wow, I must really be seeing something that is not there...OR the other alternative is that I'm on a "Truman Show" type thing and me seeing this picture was a big mistake and everyone around me is trying to convince me that I'm seeing something that is not there. Hmmmm...I guess I'll believe the people I love. I guess. :) hehehe.

Anonymous said...

A You are way prettier....:) Bon Jovi rules!!!

Camille said...

IT's pretty similar, but I have to agree, you look much prettier, or it's just a really unattractive picture of your twin.. :)

Editor said...

I think you do look like her!