Monday, September 22, 2008

All Recipes Dot Com and My Blogs New Look

If you haven't been using then you so should be. Its great because not only can you search for recipes but you can then sort them by their rating. For example, I found a non conventional lasagna recipe that had a 4 3/4 star rating out of 5 but then 520 people reviewed it. So I have feedback from 520 on their tweeks and what they thought about it. I'm making it tonight for my Bunco group. I also found a key lime pie recipe that was a 5 star, rated by 120 people. First, I never knew how easy it is to make key lime pie (SUPER EASY, especially if you use a combo of fresh and concentrated key lime juice).

Oh and I should also mention, although you probably noticed, the new look on my blog. I finally found a 3 column format that I liked...I've been searching and searching. Now if I can only get my header to stretch all the way across like I want it too.

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