Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Year

Ahh yes, another year. I sometimes get discouraged about all of the things I didn't do over the past year. So I'm going to focus on what I did/what happened (in addition to working full time and working on Hanly's Hounds):
  • Blogged 104 times, exactly an average of 2 times a week.
  • Went Para sailing, successfully.
  • Cooked dinner for my Bunco girls (12 people).
  • Started hosting a Friday night game night for like 15-20 people at times.
  • I had nose surgery, successfully.
  • I read a few books that I wanted to.
  • I lived through the crashing of our computer.
  • Made the decision to have Pugzilla's eye removed.
  • Kept our house clean for 3 weeks.
  • Participated in an awful sleep study.
  • Tried out for Deal or No Deal.
  • Went to Las Vegas 3 times in 2 months.
  • Went to my first Halloween convention.
  • Made it through April taxes and filing on April 15th, when normally I file in February.
  • Made it through our kitchen flooding...again.
  • I found out that Justin has Diabetes and changed my diet as well has he changed his.
  • Am planning a trip to England and France (there is an underpants joke in there...for sure!)
  • I learned that you should never, ever start adding Benefiber to any drink for the first time while at work. EVER.
  • Bought a gas stove and sold our electric stove.
  • Had Paul, from England, come and stay with us for a couple of weeks.
  • Went to see Bon Jovi for Rishma's Bday...oh yeah, girls weekend!
  • I had the flu for a full week. Who has the flu (stay at home kind of flu) for a week?
  • Went to Caucus, caucus, caucus.
  • Participated in the 4th of July parade again, won second.
  • Had the pleasure of experiencing fog for the first time since we moved from San Jose.
  • Participated in a Food Drive that raised over 1300 pounds of food.
  • Went to my first cookie exchange party.
  • Made home made marshmallows.
  • Have realized that Justin and I have made quite a few friends here in Fernley, its nice to realize that.
  • Had a long weekend trip to Vancouver, Washington
  • Survived Halloween again. 1200 visitors. 6 weeks to set up.
  • Saw the Trans-Siberien Orchestra.
  • Made a new rule in the house: no heating up anchovies...ever!
  • Made a vision board.
  • We had Martini the Pug come into our house to live with us.
  • We bought a retail side to Hanly's Hounds Pooper Scooper and drove to Arizona for it.
  • Started Italian lessons.
  • Spread some of my Dad's ashes in Las Vegas
  • Learned how to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher without rinsing them first.
I'm sure that there are way more things to list but I can't remember them all. Not shabby for a year, this year my goal is to do more. Bring it on!


Camille said...

That's awesome! What a great list. I just had a birthday and I spent the whole time moping about feeling old. I like your plan much better.

IT sounds like your something of an extreme decorator extrortinair (k so I know that's misspelled, but I have no idea how to spell it correctly.)I saw the Halloween pics, but what's this about a float?

Anonymous said...

I love bunco, too. Check out my website for bunco score sheets. It has lots of free stuff and party ideas. Suggestions for improvement welcome.:) Thanks!