Thursday, August 28, 2008


Justin bought me this great pair of earrings I wear all of the time. He gave them to me as a present on our first Christmas together. They were white gold and had diamond chips in them. Or so I thought.

Recently I haven't been able to find them. I've been disturbed about not being able to find them but not to the point of tearing the house apart, thinking that they will "turn up" somewhere. That was until we had the following conversation:

Justin: I really want to find your earrings.

Me: Yeah, me too, they'll turn up.

Justin: Where do you usually put them?

Me: Up here, by my purse and keys on the little mirror thingy.

Justin: I thought I saw them in my car. But I also thought I saw them in a spot where I thought
that it was just wrong for them to be?

Me: Really?

Justin: Yeah, I mean after what I paid for them, I think we need to find them.

Me: What you paid for them? Weren't they like a JC Penny's special? White gold, diamond chips, etc.

Justin: Diamond chips? No...try baguettes. As in they type of diamond you like. As in I paid $100 per month for I can't tell you how many months.

Me: They weren't a JC Penny's special?


Me: How come you never told me? I would just chuck them in my purse, throw them on my nightstand, act all caviler with them...

Justin: I didn't want you to be mad at how much I spent.


So we have been tearing our house apart. And still can't find them. We are going to be rearranging our bedroom this weekend, so maybe we'll find them there. Hopefully.

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