Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My God-daughter, Chelsey-Mae, is in town from England. She is 11 now. I can hardly believe it has been 11 years since I first went to England to hold her during her Christening. I was enamored with her then and I'm just as enamored with her now. It has been so awesome watching her grow up throughout the years.

Saturday afternoon I took her to go paint pottery. In my wildest imagination 11 years ago, I would have never thought that I'd be having a conversation with her about dreams, life, death and God. Real conversations. Hardcore, man.

We had a great time painting pottery, talking. She told me about her old school, her new school, her friends, how much she misses her Grandma (I do too, all that knew her do), favorite songs, etc. After about 3 hours painting, I took her out for dinner - only a dinner that Auntie Mel-Mel can properly do: chicken wings and fries (chips according to Chelsey) and followed up by Cold Stone where she wanted cotton candy ice cream with white chocolate chips and Oreo cookies. Ha! She is creative too. I would have never thought of that combination together. But maybe at that age you are looking at all of the parts and not the sum. I wish I was 11 again!

I dropped Chelsey off at her Dad's properly hopped up on sugar, right before bedtime having ad such an amazing day with her. I felt I had done my duty as Auntie Mel-Mel.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, you have to post a picture! The one time I saw her she was 4 years old when we went to England! ~R~