Monday, July 21, 2008


Friday night we had pizza (as always), this time some new friends came. After pizza we came back to our house to play Rock Band until 3:00 am. That is a danger of Rock Band...playing until 3:00. This is the second Friday night in a row that we were up that late. And as much fun as it was, we can't make a habit of staying up that late because it screws with our Saturday. Basically all day Saturday was shot, except for an hour of working on our pond/creek in the back yard.

Sunday we had a show in Reno...pretty much a waste of time. We went there agreeing that we would not sell our pet tags because the people putting on the show promised exclusivity to a pet tag guy. We now know to not do that again. And that company said they will not promise exclusivity again, either.

After the show we went to go see The Dark Knight. It was AWESOME! I agree with Rish's review. Especially about Batman's gravely voice. Justin and I both loved it. Loved it! I think it is the best Batman so far. I did not think it was too long (like some of the critics were saying), although one thought if you go see it...go easy on the drinks during the movie or you will need to get up for a bathroom run by the last hour. It would be a shame to miss one moment of this movie. Although I did, I turned my head away several times in anticipation of gorey parts. The Joker was very, very disturbing, but in a good "study" of a psychotic killer kind of way.

Sunday night Justin helped some more with the pond. Amy (who is doing our backyard) is doing an amazing job. She's at the sucky part right now, moving rock. We are helping her when we can. Last night she finished moving two kinds of rock in and we just need to order one more and we are DONE. Get ready for an invitiation for a huge backyard PARTY soon...we just need to figure out a date.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I love it! My review was linked! The voice was annoying! Ugh!!! but shirtless??!?! Yum!!!