Friday, July 18, 2008

Always and Forever

I know some of my strengths and my weaknesses. And I'm still learning about other weaknesses and strengths that I didn't know about. I know I have some talent with writing, especially if I'm writing a true story that has a comedic slant to it. I also know that I'm stubborn, but I'm working on it. I know that I have a tendency to not put myself first and let people walk all over me. But I'm working on that as well. And let me tell ya, it is empowering to say the least to celebrate my strengths and work on changing my weaknesses.

Photoshop, Petroglyph's and Rock Band has definitely helped with some of my perceived weaknesses.

I have never considered myself a creative person, unless it has to do with writing. I've always wanted to be the type of person who can look at a blank piece of paper and see something there and create it. But for the life of me, I can't even draw a straight line nevertheless a beautiful landscape or portrait. But Photoshop has given me the ability to put things together in a creative way without having the ability to draw.

Learning Photoshop was no easy task. Each of the tools that are on there have different names. I have spent about 80 hours, at least, learning how to use their most basic tools. And numerous other hours looking at tutorials online, helping me learn. And now I finally feel that I have got the hang of it and can create some cool effects. Which is great when my sister asks me to create a couple of web mastheads for her classes. Or when Justin asks me to create a cool Halloween Flyer. Or when I create a new logo for the company I work for and get to see the logo everyday.

Then there is Petroglyph's, or a paint your own pottery place. It gives me the ability to paint but without the blank page. There is already a form in front on me, I just get to color...but with paint.
Not to mention how relaxing it is physically to paint...back and forth brush strokes, its almost hypnotic. And after they glaze and fire the piece I get to have something cool for my house that I painted.

And finally, Rock Band. I've always wanted to have the ability to be able to sing. But I sing way off key. Ask Justin, he is the only one I will sing in front of...or he use to be. Rock Band allows me to sing and follow the pitch of the music while not having to sing on key. And just by keeping on pitch I get a high score. It proves that I'm a good singer for Rock Band. If I were on stage in real life, I'd get boo'd off for sure. But because Rock Band has become so popular...all of us tone deaf singers can get up and sing with confidence (in front of family and friends) and know that at least, according to a game, we are great singers.

And in the words of Kip:
"Yes i love technology
But not as much as you, you see
But i still love technology
Always and Forever"

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