Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nose, Star and Pugzilla

I've been busy recovering, going to work, having a set back then going back to work. I haven't had much time to update my blog. Or the inclination, really.

Surgery update status: I had my stints removed from my nose. Those suckers were a bit longer than my middle finger and about as wide as my middle and pointer fingers together. How they fit those pieces of plastic up my nose, I'll never know. But no wonder I was so uncomfortable and having trouble sleeping.

Now that the stints are out, I'm doing much better. Although I found out that I've pushed myself a little much and had a small setback as far as taking care of myself goes. I had to stay home from work on Monday (after going back to work last Thursday and Friday). My body was not ready for such a thing and it protested. So I listened.

I'm doing much better now. Feeling better, not great, but better. Getting my energy back is a good thing. As far as my breathing goes, I can breathe better out of my right nostril now than I could with both before the surgery. My left nostril (where most of the work was done) is still swollen and blocked a bit, so breathing from that side will take about a month to fully heal and get its effect.

Thank you all for your care and concern. I do appreciate it.

Onto other things...

We have a 4th pug at our house.

Her name is Star. She is adorable. Justin's parents are going to give her a home with them. I know that if they decided not to take her, I would have a hard time finding her another home. She is just that darned cute! And she fits in with the rest of our pugs just perfectly, which makes for a good times when we visit Justin's parents, the pugs will have a honorary cousin in San Jose.

Speaking of Pugs. We have some bad news about Pugzilla.

He has cataracts in both eyes and glaucoma in his left eye. Unfortunately, glaucoma hits a critical point in dogs within 12-24 hours. He can't see out of his left eye and he won't be able to get his vision back. We have decided that he needs to have his eye removed. This way he won't be in pain (he can still feel his eye) and he doesn't know to close it when he plays with the other pugs. Right now he is not in much pain, still eating, etc. We will have his eye removed fairly soon. We are very, very saddened by this. We even took him to a doggie ophthalmologist to see what could be done and if there was a way we could have prevented this. There wasn't. And because he has it in one eye it is likely that this may develop in the other and he might loose his sight altogether. We are just focusing on the eye removal first and getting treatment for his other eye.

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