Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fernley's going upscale

We have some new restaurants in Fernley: Louie's China Bistro, Sushimoto, Steve's Homemade Ice Cream. And coming soon is the Black Bear Diner, Round Table Pizza and Tahoe Creamery.

We are becoming a real destination my friends, if you haven't come up to visit me (ummm, which is all of you, except Ed) then you may want to put Fernley on your radar. If not to just come up and visit me and Justin...but to enjoy the culinary extravaganza that now awaits you.

There is a saying that Justin and I have for food here in Fernley, "Well, it's good for Fernley." If we like it, then we usually say, "Well, it's good for Northern Nevada." Justin and I are food snobs. We admit it. We don't want to spend our hard-earned money on crappy food and service.

We recently went to San Jose, the gastronomic capital of Melanie's World. We enjoyed cheese steaks from Ammato's. There is no better cheese steak in my book. And that is including Geno's in Philadelphia. I know, some might cry blasphemy. But try Ammato's and don't skip their cheese fries.

Anyway, back to my point: The three new eateries that have opened up here are really good. Justin and I can't get enough of Louie's hot and sour soup. I actually said to Justin that I think God has meant us to stay in Fernley because he would not have sent me such great hot and sour soup otherwise. Seriously, there is a restaurant in San Jose called Lock Chun. I ate there for over 15 years (because I worked right near it) because of their hot and sour soup and NEVER found another place that even comes close. Louie's actually has nailed it. And oh, their fried rice. There are 2 other Chinese restaurants in town...I wasn't sure if a 3rd (Louie's) would be any better. But it way surpasses the other two. And Louie's isn't just good for Fernley or Reno. It is good. Really good.

Sushimoto's is wonderful. I could not believe that we were sitting in Fernley eating Sushi. Some of their rolls are progressive, even for my reference point of the Bay Area. We haven't gone back because sushi is pricey. There is no getting around that. But anytime I have a hankering for some sushi, we will go there. Not because it's close, but because it is better than any other sushi place I've tried in Reno. I have had better sushi in San Jose, but come on, that is San Jose.

Then there is Steve's Homemade ice cream...just perfect timing for Justin to be diagnosed as diabetic. He moved to Fernley from New York and brought his ice cream shop with him. Everything there is handmade: from the ice cream, cones, hot fudge, whipped cream, everything. And Steve could not be a nicer guy. And he could not offer any better ice cream. I ate banana ice cream. Do you know why that is a big deal? Because I don't like anything banana flavored AT ALL. Unless it is real bananas, I don't eat it. I even have trouble with banana deserts. The only exception is banana bread, but that is mostly because there are nuts in it.

If you come up here, we'll go to all of these great new places in Fernley...and the best Mexican restaurant too...Guadalajara's. Yummy!


Carol said...

Hot and Sour - OMG, is absolutely my FAVORITE soup in the whole world. There was a place right by our townhouse in San Jose that used to serve Hot and Sour Wanton soup. That's right, it had wantons in it - yummy meat filled wantons right in the soup just like wanton or war wanton soup. No place up here does that...but then again, we are talking Placerville. I'm glad good places to eat are going, if you can just do something about that pesky dry air and the lack of trees, that would be great. ;o) lol

Kelly Malloy said...

Yum! I must agree with you! And we LOVE Steve's!

Anonymous said...

Amatos cheese fries.... heart attack on a plate.... yum.... but I'm a fan of the Cheesesteak shop for the sammiches...mmmmm cheesesteaks...dammit Mel all this talk about food...let's go do a tasting menu again....