Sunday, July 13, 2008

1 month and 1 day

Our computer crashed. Oh yes it did! Over a month ago. And if you ever want to test your husband's patience - go ahead and keep asking questions like, "Why did this happen?", "Do we have a back up?", "Is all of our stuff lost forever?" Go ahead and see what kind of pressure that puts on him. Apparently quite a bit, culminating in a month of such stress for him, that it transfers over to you and then pretty soon, both of you are angry people that no one wants to be around.

Well, to be honest, it just was not the computer thing. There were many thing wrapped up in this past month or so to add to the strain: Justin had kidney stone surgery - which he was suppose to have tomorrow, but his body decided that it wanted the kidney stone gone on an emergency basis. It didn't help that his surgeon: (1) lied and said that the surgery would break the stones done into the size of sand. Just for your reference, that is not true. (2) forgot to give Justin a prescription that widens the side of the urethra tube so the stones don't hurt coming out. (He found out that information on his 2 1/2 week follow up). Nice huh?

There were about 6 other stresses in this past 6 week period. Which I'm not going to go into at the moment, I will save them for other blogs this week.

I am extremely happy to say that Justin was able to save all of our music from our computer, all of our photos and most importantly all of our Hanly's Hounds QuickBooks! Justin was able to save most of our documents, just not the documents from the past year or so and all of his personal documents and all of our Hanly's Hounds spreadsheets, word documents, advertising documents, etc. You win some, you lose some.

So learn from our example...seriously, listen up! First of all...if you live in an extremely dusty area, clean your computer once a month. Our fan on the computer blew out a couple of months ago and had to replace it. Second...back up your data! Each week. Or better yet, back up your data at 1:00 am every day through the settings on your computer, your computer will take care of it. And even better than that, get a mirrored hard drive. We are actually implementing all of these things. It is not easy to watch your data get lost in a split second when the blue screen of death happens. And I can't emphasize it enough, especially if you have lots of pictures, lots of files and any work data.

Now that we are up and running again, at almost full speed...let the posting resume!

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Anonymous said...

LOSE!!!! not LOOSE!!! :) I heart you guys!