Thursday, June 12, 2008

XM 22, XM 45....noooo! XM 26!

Sometimes when I am at work by myself I change the station from the Top 20 aka XM 22 station to XM45, better known as XM Cafe. I like it because I get some of the beloved songs that will always be known to me as "Alice" type songs, cleverly named after "Alice Radio" in the Bay Area, that I oh so miss.

So I was here with my coworker, alone, no patients...and I threw on XM45. And since she is from the Bay Area too and misses Alice she was digging it. But the problem with XM45 is that it has some funky songs...lots of funky songs, the kind you would hear in Starbucks. Which is fine while you are there for the amount of time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee. But not all day.

Then I get into the office this morning and my awesome coworker, who was alone in the office at the end of the day yesterday, left on XM26 aka Flight26. She knew about this station! I didn't. It is way more "Alice" than the crap I was listening to.

Yay for Flight 26!

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