Monday, July 14, 2008

Company Picnic

Justin and I went to Tahoe yesterday for a company picnic thrown by my office. It was the first time that Justin and I had gone to Tahoe to hang out, ever.

We had a fantastic time!

In fact, Justin and I went parasailing. Oh yes, that is right. I went parasailing. Off of a boat. Up 1400 feet. Justin and I tied to a parachute together. Yes, me. The one who had that awful (to be posted at some point in the future) parasailing incident in Puerto Vallarta.

When Justin brought it up, at first I was scared to death of the idea. But I had made a resolution (not New Year's) to do more things that push my limits outside the box. So I decided to do it, to make a memory. And boy, did I.

It was one of the best experiences. I think I should have freaked out more than just being nervous. But for some reason a great calm came over me and told me everything was going to be fine. Plus it helped that Justin was there telling me to enjoy myself. And wow, did I!

I would have posted all of the 18 pictures they took of us, but none of them came out. I should be getting a couple of pictures from one of my coworkers (who didn't go parasailing, just came on the boat for a free ride) who was awesome enough to take her camera....hopefully those will come out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh girly! I am so happy for you! Parasailing is so much fun! I'm glad you did it!!!!GO YOU!!!~Rish