Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kidney Stone

Justin has a kidney stone, which has been causing him discomfort for a while now.

Yesterday, Justin went to the urologist. I set him up with a woman physician assistant (she was the first opening they had). So I anxiously waited. This is the text message string I had with Justin while he was still at the doctor's office:

Justin to Melanie: I"m going to have to go under the knife. Well, ultrasonic rays. I'll let you know the dates in a few minutes. Still waiting on a test.

Melanie to Justin: Oh no! Is it surgery that they cut stuff? I wish I was there with you right now.

Justin to Melanie: No cutting, but maybe something up my dick hole though.

Melanie to Justin: That is so sucky.

Justin to Melanie: Oh and I got a finger up the butt. Good times, good times.

Melanie to Justin: Oh baby, I'm sorry. (Side note: I did feel bad for Justin but thank God we were texting because I was dying of laughter! I'm a wonderful wife.)

Justin to Melanie: Oh, and it was a woman! Plus she had to jiggle around my nuts looking for lefty.

Melanie to Justin: That is a bad morning.

Justin to Melanie: It's ok to laugh.

Melanie to Justin: Oh, I'm laughing! But only at her trying to find lefty.

Justin to Melanie: Everyone is always trying to find that 'lil guy.

And from there it went onto surgery date discussions, etc.

Justin was ill-prepared for what type of exam they were going to do. He thought, because he had to bring in copies of his CT scans...they were just going to look at the scans and say, "Its passable, here is some pain medication." He said that she started pressing on his kidney and then said, "Drop your pants and bend over." I can't even imagine the look of surprise on his face at getting that news. Justin did say he was grateful it was a woman...smaller hands.

Justin's procedure will be July 14th...a week and a half before mine (for my nose and sinuses).

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