Monday, June 9, 2008

New things

Have you ever drank Vitamin Water for $2.00-$3.00 depending on where you buy them from?

Well if you've looked at the labels then you know that there are calories involved. At least 100 per bottle. And Justin has loved this water, he doesn't drink regular water, doesn't like the flavor. So it is a challenge to keep hydrated without the use of Iced-Tea or zero calorie soda. Until....

It's Kirkland brand...COSTCO! And it is really, really good. There are only 4 flavors as opposed to 9+ of the Vitamin Water...but this has ZERO CALORIES! And lots of vitamins and electrolytes. Finally a mark for Justin in the WIN column. Yay!

Another new thing:

I found this at Walmart of all places. It is now my sour cream substitute. Growing up sour cream was one of the 4 major food groups. I love it. And now that I have found Organic Greek Yogurt (with no fat and way fewer calories...albeit it has more carbs but Justin doesn't eat sour cream by the gallon like I do) I am putting it on everything that I use to use sour cream for. And the true test...I have made guacamole with it. Oh yes I have. And it is GREAT!\

And the last thing:

I just found out that our next door neighbor is making Adirondack Chairs. I have always wanted these chairs for our front yard...and he is only charging $40.00. We are taking 2. I think we will have to stain them ourselves...but who cares, they are so much more expensive than $40 each. He is such a nice guy...I can't wait to get them in our front yard.

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