Saturday, May 24, 2008


It has been over 3 weeks now, actually week number 4 and we have only had 1 day off. We have both been working weekends getting our truck ready for our first show. And today, we finally had some time to get our new desk set up and our office in order. And boy-howdy, it has taken us the last 6 hours but we finally did it!

Our new office featuring our new, awesome, $50 Craigslist desk!

This will be Justin's desk once we buy him a laptop, for now we are sharing the new desk:

Yep, he set up a TV on his desk. Hahaha. He makes me laugh.

This is our truck, stocked and ready for our first show (well, we are having the signs replaced with Hanly's Hounds colored signs, I'll post pictures of those later this week once its done.)

We are planning to rest tonight or play...but either way relax. And then tomorrow get onto our other 20 items on our to do list.

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