Thursday, May 29, 2008


We cleaned our house last Friday because we were having some friends over and I'm thrilled to report that our house is STILL CLEAN! Thats right, through the busy weekend, through our busy work week, through Justin being's like we are living in someone else's house.

IT'S STILL CLEAN! Not one dish that hasn't been put in the dishwasher. Not one tea towel that hasn't been left in the living room. Not one of Justin's socks is hanging out in the dining room. Even my shoes have not piled up by our laundry room, they are in a pile in our bedroom. Seriously, come over tonight and check it out. I'll leave the door unlocked. Just walk right in and I'll get you a glass of lemonade and promptly put the glass in the dishwasher when you are done with it.


Anonymous said...

Want to come clean my house? LOL, I'll be over keep the lemonade chilled for me. :)~Rish

Carol said...

LMAO - for a split second I considered driving up there and walking into your the middle of the night....with no notice.....just because you offered! :)