Friday, May 9, 2008

Long awaited photos

So I've posted a few blogs promising photos. Well, here they are!

Me and Rish in Vegas with the awesome pool hat that Justin packed as a surprise in my suitcase.

The classic concert photo. I love the colors here.

Super HOT Bon Jovi...ahhhh.

My AWESOME new (used Craigslist desk) for $50.00 standing on its side until we can rearrange our office this weekend.

We just bought this uber-expensive dog brush called The Furminator. And Oh-My-Goodness does this thing work! Justin brushed Pugzilla for about 5 minutes and this is the amount of hair he got out. WOW! You need to get this for your dog or cat, it works on long and short hair. Its perfect for summer! Get it now and be amazed.

This is Pug-Zilla after, he's so happy.

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Carol said...

OMG - I just looked up the furminator yesterday or the day before, can't remember. I am TOTALLY getting one. I can't wait. I have lived too long with dog hair tumbleweeds traveling around our house and sliding across the hardwood floors every time we walk by. I'm glad you posted that. :)