Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too crowded and too expensive and bad service

We had just arrived in Las Vegas. I was stated to Justin my intentions of this trip. The only things I wanted to do while we were in Las Vegas was to have a really nice dinner, gamble a little, hit the pool. Thats it. Justin didn't want to go to any of the restaurants located at the MGM because he didn't want to spend $200 on a nice dinner...which, by the way, we have only once a year. He said that it was like gambling with $200 and loosing. Hmm...nice attitude.

Justin gives in and we asked a concierge at the MGM Signature where we could go to get some good lamb. This was the poor guys first day. So a colleague was passing by and the new guy grabbed his colleague and asked where is the best place to get lamb. The colleague said, hands down...Kokomo's at the Mirage. Right. So they made us reservations for 10:00 pm, which is exactly what we wanted. Awesome!

We arrived at the Mirage and it was PACKED. Not just a little crowed but PACKED. Turns out the Mirage is where the Beatles Cirque du Soleil is playing and there was the late showing just getting out. And I don't do crowds so well. Very annoying.

You know what else was annoying? Our crappy dinner. Thats right. Not the best lamb in Las Vegas. Not the best lamb at all. Although their lobster bisque was TO DIE FOR! I should have just started and ended the meal with that. I will forge through crowds to eat Kokomo's lobster bisque any day. ANYDAY.

And what is with the menus that have $45 for your main dish with NO SIDES? You have to order side dishes for $8 each separately. And they don't tell you that those sides are served family style...so we ordered 2 veggies and a starch...we didn't need that much, not that much at all. Crappy experience.

And speaking of bad service. Get this. We woke up on our last day in Vegas. We were heading to the convention and we needed to eat breakfast. How hard could it be to find a Denny's or IHOP on a Monday morning? Well, it was difficult. Very difficult. And when we did find one, it was crowded...the line was out the door. So we decided to go to the convention and walk through the Palazzo casino and find a restaurant there. That was a feat in itself because it is hooked to the Venetian and most of the Palazzo Shops were closed and their directions to the restaurants were way off. Turns out that if we would have just turned left instead of right when we got off the elevator from the parking garage, we would have been right there. Jack asses! (us not them).

Then we waited in line at the resaurant...wasn't that what I was trying to avoid in the first place? Dumb ass (me not them). And here I am an hour and a half after we checked out of our hotel waiting in line, like I didn't want. We get there and seated at about 5 minutes to 11:00am. We wait for a waiter to come and greet us for about 10 minutes, we were just about ready to leave when he walked up. I ask the waiter if we can order breakfast still (their cut off time was 11:00 am). He said if we order right now he will rush to get our order in. Luckily we had 10 minutes of staring at our menu to decide and we were ready to order. Justin ordered steak and eggs and I ordered the Lex-something omelet (eggs, asparagus, portobello mushrooms, artichokes, oven dried tomatoes, Havarti cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce...SUPER YUM!)

Anyway, we wait and wait and wait for our water. Nothing. Finally 10 minutes after the waiter took our order our glasses of water comes. And not too soon after that our food. Only, mine was wrong. The wanted to give me a vegetarian omelet, which would normally been fine, but man, I really wanted that Lex-something omelet. So I sent it back. But there was a problem...Justin was served his meal. So he is sitting in front of me and didn't want to eat without me....not that he could have because our waiter didn't bring out a steak knife or any condiments for Justin to enjoy his tasty breakfast without me.

Then a manager comes by to talk to us to apologize. We tell him that the mistake is understandable, but then start to complain about our waiter and lack of service. The waiter comes up and stands a foot behind the manager and tries to eavesdrop on our conversation, so we stop talking. The manger gets Justin's steak knife and condiments. Not too soon after the manger leaves, my omelet is delivered and it is FABULOUS, cook's spit and all (I'm sure).

Then we try to flag down our waiter to get our drinks refilled...he walked right by us about 4 times and wouldn't stop to give us the time of day. Finally when he came by we asked him to get us our drink refilled and asked him where our toast/bagel is at. He blamed the kitchen staff. After about 5 more minutes our toast/bagel arrived and we ask him to bring Justin some grape jelly since he doesn't like the strawberry it came with. We never got the grape jelly, Justin made due with the strawberry.

The waiter gave us our check and turned to walk away, Justin piped up and pointed out that the waiter now forgot the grape jelly (the point is moot now). The waiter...get this....says, "I'm so sorry, it has been way busier than we had anticipated and someone moved the grape jelly so I couldn't find it." Really? If the waiter has his coworkers conspiring against him by moving the grape jelly, he probably pissed them off too by forgetting to bring them a steak knife.

More stories to come: Dad's ashes, Justin pulled over, our bus driver

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