Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back to the Las Vegas stories

We got pulled over coming back from Las Vegas. Not for doing 110 mph like we were doing. We felt comfortable doing that speed because 1) we were in an awesome rental car that could do that speed and 2) we bought a radar detctor that was AWESOME! No, we were pulled over because our rental car didn't have any plates on them. So the nice officer just asked us for the rental agreement and Justin showed it to him. Luckily, the officer didn't ask for the registration. We didn't know this at the time but Enterprise forgot to register the vehicle we were driving. HAHAHA. I wonder what would have happened if there was no registration on it, who would get the ticket? Us or Enterprise? But like I said, luckily that didn't happen.

And speaking of driving...when were at the Halloween Convention we signed up to take a tour of a couple of Haunted Attractions that a company built. They were serving dinner and drinks and we could take a tour of the three haunted houses. I chickened out of two of the three haunts. But that is neither here nor there. The real story happened on the way to the haunts.

Our incompetent bus driver got us lost. He missed a turn and couldn't turn the coach around so he went up into this housing area (with only dirt roads). He couldn't get his bearings and tried going up a hill and dead end about 4 times. He had to back down a hill..backwards, during twilight. I imagine that his eyesight was probably worse in the dark than the light anyway. We were on the first set of buses and ended up getting to the haunts about 45 minutes late. 45 minutes of driving around a housing complex in the dark, on dirt roads, not knowing where we were going. Couldn't he have used a cell phone to get directions? We all however had some really good laughs. People who put on Haunted Houses generally have really good senses of humor.

Next story. Sorry, I'm not flowing with the transitions today. Onto the story of spreading some of my Dad's ashes. You all know that Carol and I have taken some small boxes of my Dad's ashes and are spreading them all over the world. I have already spread some of Dad's ashes in the Bellagio Fountains last September. And this time I actually remembered a conversation with him a long time ago about what he wants done with him after he is dead. He made a joke about spreading his ashes over Caesar's Palace. Well, when were in Vegas we tried to make that happen. But turns out that Caesar's has that request ALL THE TIME and the answer is always no. So next best thing...I braved my fear of heights and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I didn't know that there were two security guards posted up there as well as two cameras. And being that the spreading of ashes all wilily-nilly is illegal, we had to be fast once we decided to do it.

So we were up there for about 45 minutes waiting for a good time, for the wind not to be too strong and for no one to be on a particular side of the tower so they don't get ashes blown in their face. And the opportunity struck...the Bellagio Fountains went off and everyone crowded over to that side, so we went to the opposite side, the cameras were pointed away and the security guards were on the Bellagio side. So quick like a bunny, and caught on our video camera, I set my Dad's ashes free in a non ceremonious fashion....dump and go. Like he would have wanted.

That is it for my updates on Vegas. In a mere 18 days, I'll be creating more Vegas stories of Rishma and I dancing at Polly Esters...of our awesome chef created tasting menu at Craft Steak at the MGM...of our lazy lounging at the MGM pool and lazy river...oh warm weather I can't wait to enjoy you, I've missed you so!

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Who would have thought they get that many requests? Go figure! What happens in Vegas with the girls stays in Vegas with the girls! ;) ~Rish