Monday, March 24, 2008

Vegas and a haircut...2 bits

Justin and I went to Las Vegas on March 15th for the big Halloween convention. It was awesome! But I must say, there is way, way too much stimulation going on there...from sounds to lights to smells. I actually had to leave because there was so much gore and I was way too over stimulated. Justin and I had to buy me earplugs to wear back into the convention.

We did get many great ideas. In fact, we have to list out what each of us wants to do then divvy it up by year to spread out the cost and time factors over 3 or 4 years. But the best part that we found out is that we can order items wholesale now! We didn't realize how much of a markup there was on Halloween items! For example, one of our big tall monster guys would normally be around $300. We can get some of them for around $60! Huge savings!

We are also thinking about turning pro and charging for our efforts. That would mean that we would have to rent a building and work with the city and fire marshall to make sure we are up to code. Then we would have get insurance. We would have to charge about $10 per person to cover our costs and make it worth the trouble. But that is for us to think about in the next few years.

The rest of our time in Vegas was nice. When we weren't arguing - we think that because there was so much blood and gore (We aren't use to that, our Haunted House is devoid of any blood and gore...we also don't watch scary movies either) we became really, really angry people and took it out on each other. But when we weren't arguing we were gambling a bit, enjoying our hotel room...loving the MGMs lazy river pool. We could have used more downtime but we will know that for next time.

More to come about our Vegas trip later. (More stories: Dad's ashes, bad service for breakfast, dinner at Kokomo's, Justin pulled over, our bus driver, too crowded and too expensive)

In the meantime...I FINALLY was able to grow my hair out long enough to get it cut. (Men, don't try to figure out that logic, just accept it.) So anyway, I brought into my stylist 3 photos and showed her what I like about each haircut. The back I wanted layered in 4 or so steps up, the front and sides are around the same length. Actually the whole haircut reminds me of Drew Barrymore from the Wedding Singer. Very similar, just a little more bouncy and curled under instead of out.

Mighty cute! It is the hairstyle I was meant to have. Really. I'm not saying that because that is what is on my head currently. You'll see it soon and you'll love it!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! You didn't tell me all the dramaness with the trip...You'll have to fill me in over a drinking night in Vegas.. in about ohhhh... 17 days!!! woo hoo!