Saturday, March 1, 2008

Stove from Heaven

I went out with a friend for her Birthday today. We went to lunch and then we went to a paint-your-own-pottery place. My idea. I haven't done the whole painting thing in a while and wanted to just chill and relax for a few hours, especially after the week that I've had.

I walk through the door and Justin is not home, he went over to his friend's house. I put down my purse turn and look in the electric stove is gone. In its place is a gas stove. I knew nothing about getting a gas stove. I know that Justin and I earlier this week were talking about wanting a gas stove. I even looked up prices online and he even checked behind our electric stove to make sure that the gas lines were already run...they were. But we let that idea go. And now, all of a sudden, to my surprise a gas stove is sitting in my kitchen. THANK YOU GOD!

It turns out that Justin was searching Craigslist and here in Fernley someone was selling their gas stove because they just bought a better one ($1500) off of Craigslist. So Justin swooped in on the deal and got our stove for $60. Thats right...a newer stove for $60 bucks. How freakin' awesome is that? And it looks brand new! And it fits just where our old one did!

God delivers. For sure! I can't wait until I'm contacted by HGTV telling me that I've one the HGTV 2.2 million dollar dream home. Cause its going to happen!


Carol said...

YEAH - I am soooo glad for you guys (and a little jealous). We wanted to do gas, but we can't - too expensive. I am so happy that you have a ray of sunshine - it's God's little way of saying, "hang in there baby, it's all gonna work out". :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just think the timing is amazing...that just not more than a week ago we were talking about it and there it is. Its just so awesome. And to make it even more perfect, it is the same color and brand (Kenmore) as all of the other appliances in our kitchen, so it looks like it has just been there from day one.

Are you talking expense as far as the unit goes or the yearly cost of running it? If it is the unit cost Justin has found gas stoves on Craigslist for sale.

Thanks for being happy!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Don't you love it when things work out in your favor? So when are you making me dinner? Hugs~Rish