Thursday, February 28, 2008

A good cry, Martini the swimmer, T9

Someone needs to explain the concept of a "good cry" to Justin. He just doesn't get it. After finding out some bad news today I just had to cry (not terrible or life changing news, don't one has terminal cancer or anything like that). Oh and cry I did. And even though I'm feeling much better because of Justin I still feel like I need to cry a little. So this is my plan...tonight I am going home to a home without Justin (he is going over the hill with a friend and won't be back until late.) I'm going to stay home...drink a lot of really, really, really awesome wine (a customer of ours gave me) and talk to friends. Oh and cry. Just because I still feel like I need to. And what is better than crying while drinking awesome wine talking with friends? If you get a call from me tonight make sure to pick up the damn phone and plan to be on it for a while...I'll be calling you.

Next, I got a call from Justin at work this morning. He said that he let the dogs out front (we have a two tier pond out there) because they just love it so much. He was in the house and the dogs are milling around out front. Martini then come barreling in the house and Justin notices that the side of her is wet. Justin thought that Pugzilla may have lifted his leg and peed on her. But no, she was wet everywhere. Justin thinks that because Martini has never known our pond to not be frozen, she was running with the dogs, thought she could walk right over the ice, like always. But surprise, surprise, it was melted. HAHAHA. That in itself is worth having a third dog for. I only wish we could have seen it happen and put it on video. Because I doubt she will ever go near the pond again.

And on a final note, I was finally able to understand what the freak the T9 dicitionary's purpose is on a cell phone when texting! I get it. I totally get it now. It all makes sense how everyone can text so darned fast. A whole new texting world has opened up to me. I'm only 5 years behind the times. (But don't text me often...we don't have text plan and each one costs me $0.20). And with our recent bad news...we won't be able to afford much.

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Anonymous said...

Mental note.. DO NOT TEXT Mel.. Love you guys!~Rish