Monday, December 3, 2007

Slow Week

This past week was a slow week for me. Nothing really exciting happened. Really, even my weekend was pretty boring. You don't believe me?

Saturday I woke up. Played a game on the Wii for a few hours. Ate breakfast. Watched TV. ALL DAY. Justin and I didn't do anything. Oh no, that is not true. We managed to squeeze in some time to play a few games of Scrabble. But I don't like playing games with him one on one. He's mean. Well, he doesn't throw it in my face that he has won, but he really plays to win. He does things to screw me out of a turn, etc. He plays like he means it. And there is nothing wrong with that, I guess. But I don't play that way, I play to play. (Except when it comes to trivia games, then I'm all about the smack talking, etc.) But he just doesn't play to play. And I don't like that. I don't think that when it is just the two of us, why try to play to win? It's too mean.

Anywho, Sunday came and that was "get things off of the damned to do list" day. Dishes? Done. Laundry? Done. Hanly's Hounds invoices to customers with a kick ass newsletter, as always? Done. Clean out the refrigerator? Done. Spray my shirts and Justin's shirts with my not so new stain removing-not so secret process to get rid of all of those nasty stains that have been building up? Done. (Oh and I have tried Goo-Gone instead of De-Solve-It and Goo-Gone does not work.)

Well, that was it. My weekend in a nutshell. Fun, huh?

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