Monday, November 26, 2007


It was a long weekend. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work. Thursday was spent not cooking. Doing some laundry, washing some dishes, getting ready to go to a classic Reno buffet with my Mom and Step-Dad for Thanksgiving dinner. While that was nice, it was not something I'd want to do again. Because I missed having leftovers, so I cooked a full turkey dinner on Saturday. My Mom and Step-Dad came over, which was really nice, but because I'm the one who spent all day cooking, everything just didn't taste as good. I had to wait until last night for left overs to actually taste it all, and it was quite good.

Then after we all were full and sleepy we all headed to Reno to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Which was fantastic! Since my Mom has troubles walking up or down too many stairs, we purchased handicapped seating. Awesome seats! We were in our own little section to ourselves, not cramped in the normal seating. This was the first time that my Mom and Step-Dad had seen TSO, they really enjoyed thanks that I brought earplugs for everyone. Next year, I'll have to remember sunglasses as well...their lights are CRAZY BRIGHT!

Friday was spent over my Mom's house putting up Christmas lights. Buying and putting them up. The whole process was 9 hours. But her house looks fantastic! We hooked up all of the lights to this light box (this is it, except it was from Costco and plays 40 songs and you can hook up 6 different light sections) it kind of produces this effect, except in only 6 different sections, by far not this crazy. Thankfully, she doesn't have neighbors directly across the street.

We do. And it was ok with them that we set one up in our yard. Justin hooked up our system on Saturday, while I was cooking. So we now have several people (that we've seen) a night driving by our house and stop to watch a song or two.

Let the Holidays begin!

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