Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I found the answer

So most of my girlfriends know the because of my ample boob-age that I spill my food on my chest, leaving me with stains (olive oil, etc) that do not come out with a normal washing. These shirts have been banished to only wearing them around the house. Well no more!

I have found the answer. This solution works on all of my already set in stains that have been there for years with shirts that have been washed over and over again....are you ready for it??

De-Solv-It; it is a citrus cleaner primarily used like "Goo Gone" but because I haven't used "Goo Gone" on my shirts, I can't recommend it. Anyway, spray De-Solv-It on the stain and let it set in overnight. Then spray Shout on the De-Solv-It stain (there will be a stain because De-Solv-It is made from citrus oil, so you need to get the citrus oil this not reminiscent of the Lady who swallowed the fly???) After you put Shout on the stain you can pop it into the washer and launder as usual. It is amazing...takes those stains out for good!

I can save all of my clothes and be able to wear them outside of the house. It is like a whole new wardrobe. Yay!

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