Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your Mom...

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Okay - onto my post.

Justin has been using "Your Mom" jokes for a couple of years now. And each time, it is funny. Especially when he says a "Your Mom" joke to his brother or sister. Which, is just hilarious because he is then talking about HIS Mom.

I have finally decided that I would put together a compilation of the "Your Mom" jokes he says. Because it is all random. We could be talking about drinking a glass of wine. He'll come out with "Your Mom drinks wine." Whatever it is, he adds it to that. Some are dirty...and wrong. Some are actually funny. Lots are just annoyingly funny and stupid.

Sooo...Stay tuned for all of the "Your Mom" jokes at the end of my posts.

Today's "Your Mom" joke: Your Mom eats cheese.

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