Saturday, November 17, 2007


There is a morning radio show that Justin listens to when he pooper scoops...he downloads their segments onto his Ipod before he leaves. Well, the "Rob, Arnie and Dawn" show (based out of Sacramento and has a sister station here in Reno) were going to be in Reno for this big contest give away...a used Harley. Seriously, it was one of the DJ's Harleys...a 2004 something or another. (Please, I already have gone through this with Justin...ONLY a radio station in RENO would be giving away a USED Harley as their BIGGEST promotion of the year.)

Anyway, Justin just wanted to go to see Rob, Arnie and Dawn in person, maybe meet them. There were approximately 300 people who won a key to see if it would start the Harley. They were giving away 10 extra keys for people who enter a drawing, that night. Guess whose name they picked? Mine. Soooo...Justin and I then had to stay to wait for the 217 people that were before me, as I was number 218. I didn't win. Number 212 won.

We waited there for 3 hours!


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