Thursday, November 15, 2007

15 Days

It is hard to believe that it has been 15 days since I last posted on here. There are several reasons why I haven't. They all boil down to, I just didn't have the energy. (It takes more and more time to recover each year from Halloween.)

Some notable points in the past 2 weeks:
  • Paul left back to England on Nov 4th. I was sad to see him go, but I'm always sad to see him go. I think he had a good time here. The Friday before he left we all had a proper night out at our local bar...proper meaning everyone drank and we took a taxi. All of us were sick that night, some more than others, but it was an evening well worth it.
  • I have been dealing with some kind of itching attack over the past month or explanation for it either. I get a raising of a patch of small bumps then they itch like crazy, I inadvertently brake the skin and then a scab forms. I have about 30 or so scabs on my legs, arms, chest, stomach and back. I went to the doctor several weeks ago and she said this was most likely due to allergies. So she put me on Allegra (mind you this would make the 3rd allergy med I'm on). If nothing else I figure, it would help control the rest of my allergies better. I was wrong. It did nothing for the itching or my other allergies of sneezing, etc. Then she put me on another med about a week later which tuned out to be no help. Finally earlier this week she gave me a Kenalog shot. Pumped me full of steroids. Nice. That did the trick and is helping my other allergy symptoms as well. I also have an appointment with a dermatologist to find out about the itching.
  • Justin and I went to Vancouver. Washington not Canada. This was my awesome birthday present from Justin's parents. They sent us there for the weekend. It was beautiful. We went to Portland to check out the Farmers Market, we drove into the West Hills. We crossed the Columbia River (numerous times). We drove down the river and saw some amazing waterfalls (on the Oregon side), stopped at small town restaurants, and mostly breathed deep the cool, clean, moist air. We watched salmon swim upstream. We crossed the "Bridge of the Gods," really. Oh, I also was able to pet a goat and a pig. How much better does a trip get? See pictures here.
  • Justin had his 33rd Birthday. Being that we celebrated it the week before Halloween we decided to have a low key birthday. Two days before his birthday he guessed both gifts I got him - so I gave him his gifts then. :( But on his actual birthday we went to dinner in Fernley and then went out for drinks...Scott, Lea and her husband, Daz and Christine and Steve were there. Steve actually bought Justin a card and a little girl balloon, which will, after it deflates, be put up in our office saying "To Justin, Love Steve." Because that is just funny.
  • We are going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra again this year. We are taking my Mom and Ken with us...this is their Christmas present. And for Justin's Mom's birthday, we are sending her and 3 guests (one being Justin's Dad, I'm assuming) also. That tour date just happens to fall on her birthday. Go see TSO - you will not be disappointed.
  • Thankfully there will be no cooking of Thanksgiving dinner this year. Justin and I along with my Mom and Ken are all going to the Grand Sierra Resort buffet. How much better is that than cooking? Justin doesn't really care for Thanksgiving food anyway and although I LOVE leftover Thanksgiving dinner, I'm not willing to put in all of the energy it takes to make a full dinner. I am however willing to make a full dinner and side dishes that I like for me. No pressure, no time line. If I want to make Thanksgiving dinner this weekend or next Sunday, I can. And I may do that. I may not.
  • Christmas lights: All of our Halloween stuff is STILL NOT FULLY DOWN. There are rogue gravestones hanging around in our front yard, along with some skulls. There is a skeleton here and there too. We just pooped out. No other explanation of it. But the weekend after Halloween we went to Costco and found this. And bought it. Along with a bunch of lights. Can you see Christmas getting as big as Halloween in the next 10 years? Possibly.
Right, I think that is it. For now. I will be back to my regularly posting schedule now.

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