Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Haunted House vs. The City of Fernley

I went to the City of Fernley on Friday, against Justin's wishes, to find out if we can get our street closed for our Haunted House. We can't, because there are only two ways onto our street, Firefighters won't approve it...blah, blah, blah. But then I was told we may need an event permit from the Community Development Department. I went to talk to them, at 4pm last Friday, and they said that it didn't look like we needed one but to check with the Director on Monday. So I was all panicky all weekend because if we needed a permit that means we would need a fire inspection and that mean there would be NO HAUNTED HOUSE this year.

Monday came and I didn't receive a call from the Director until 4pm...way to wait all day on pins and needles. He said that we would not need a permit. Then he said that we would not be able to advertise our Haunted House because if we "invited the public" in we would need a permit but because they do not have anything like that in the code books in Fernley we would not be able to get a permit. Catch 22? So if we advertise we can't have a Haunted House.

Justin is bummed out about that because we have an article coming out in the newspaper tomorrow (which we cleared with the Director and it is fine to have the newspaper run an article on us, but we couldn't buy advertising in there). And we also were going to have for 2 weeks the Fernley Train Depot sign, which is a big board in downtown Fernley, where everyone drives by on Main Street. We can't do it. We are not even allowed to hand out flyers. It all has to be word of mouth or stories by the newspapers.

So if you live in Fernley, somehow, tell this tale...pass our information along underground style to everyone you know...we are open the Saturday before Halloween and on Halloween...go to fernleyhalloween.com.


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a friggin joke! That's some BS! Kepping the man down I tell you!!!!~Wyte gurl

Carol said...

Sorry to hear that. Suckety suck suck suck! No worries though, y'all are going to have a GREAT turn out. Think about it this way - Cripps Court in Fremont has amazing Christmas decorations for years and years. Each house was spending thousands of dollars on their power bills every season because of the decorations. The only way people heard about it for years was word of mouth until a family moved in on the street and began to protest the decorations because they didn't celebrate Christmas. To make a long story short, they had TONS of people drive through their court every year simply by word of mouth. So, no worries - it's gonna be a BIG hit! :)

Kelly Malloy said...

I live in Fernley and have a blog for Fernley Families. I posted your Haunted House in our Halloween Happenings section:


Hope that helps!