Monday, October 15, 2007

All work and no play

Well, it was all work this weekend - for Justin. For me however, it was a mixture. Justin and I worked on the Haunted House Friday night. Then Saturday came and we looked in our refrigerator and there was nothing but condiments. We looked in the freezer and there was just frozen vegetables. We looked in the pantry and there was all kinds of crap we have bought but never used, we really have to clean that out! So we decided it was time to go food shopping, which is the first time in about a month, at least. And since I am doing lots of crock pot cooking this month, I looked up some recipes and created a list for Walmart. And so we went...Saturday morning, which turned into Saturday early afternoon by the time we got home and I put the groceries away (that is the deal on big grocery trips: Justin brings the bags in the house and as he does, I try to put 5 bags of groceries away before he comes back with the next 5 bags.) I play those kinds of games with myself to try to get things done faster...that's right, I said games. Hey! Being a Virgo, those kinds of "games" are fun for me!

Anyway, shopping wiped me out and so I went down for a nap. Justin's friend, Jeff came over to help finish cleaning out the garage and putting up wires so Justin could hang the walls - I made chili and painted. Until 11:00 pm. 10 paintings. I woke up Sunday morning, finished 2 more and Justin stopped my painting madness. I was going to paint 22 different "murals" on fabric...but there would not be any need to do so many...we just couldn't fit them in the Haunted House - so I stopped. But I am not done. All I did was use puff paint to outline the different scenes, I have to go back with regular fabric paint (that glows under black light) and fill in the lines...much like a coloring book.

But I only did 2 paintings yesterday. The rest of the day...did I do laundry? Nope. Did I clean the kitchen full of dishes? Nope. I puppy-sat Martini (my excuse for not doing anything really.) Jeff was over again to help Justin, so I was not needed anywhere. I was in need of rest. And I'm up at 2:30 this morning - started some laundry and now I'm going to go back to bed for a while. After I start a load of laundry.

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