Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Okay, so check this out...I was minding my own business at work yesterday, sitting at my desk. I was showing my new coworker how the insurance billing circle works when she grabs my wrist and says, "I don't know how to tell you this..." At that point, I'm pretty confused...why on earth would she be grabbing my wrist, confused I look down at my wrist and see it. A HUGE daddy-long leg crawling on my arm. And I mean HUGE. Really, huge. I swear, the size of my hand...and I have the fingers of a piano player.

Now, all I really saw was a big huge spider. So I screamed. Yes, a girly scream. Jumped up, shook my arm wildly, did the heeby-jeeby dance. I nearly gave my boss and the two elderly patients who were in our office at the time...heart attacks.

Then my boss, came over to see what was wrong. I pointed it out to him. He got a piece of paper and tried to coral the spider to take it outside. After 3 failed attempts, I finally say, "That spider does not deserve to live...please, just kill it!" My boss complied with my request.

I'm still getting the willies just thinking about it. Ewww!

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CarolLynnPerez said...

So funny! I can picture you doing that right now. The nerve of that spider to have taken a stroll on your arm - didn't it know - this is YOU we are talking about here. The person who eternally hates spiders. :)