Sunday, August 26, 2007

Surprises and to do lists

Yesterday our friend Amy threw a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband, Scott. Justin was in charge of keeping Scott out of their house all day, which meant that Justin had to take Scott down to Reno and keep him busy. I was debating about going with them and backed out at the last minute. So I had the day to myself yesterday. And I had such grand plans. None of my grand plans happened.

I took the first day of a 7 pack of steriods for some severe arthritis pain I have in a finger joint - it also helps that I totally threw my back out of Friday and the steroids help with that too. I was feeling so crappy because of the meds, hot flashes, dizzy, unquenchable thirst...feeling water logged because of the thirst, etc. that I didn't do anything except watch the top 100 80s songs according to VH1 viewers. I don't know why but Thriller was totally not on there. I so would have expected that to be #1 and it wasn't!

Anywho, after finally showering and getting ready I went over to the surprise Bday party house and was finally on the giving end bill yell of "surprise." I have never been to a surprise bday party...Justin gave me one a while ago (but this is NOT the post for that horror story...I'll tell that one later). It was really fun. After people started to leave there were 7 of us left that played a card game 3-13...a 2 hour card game, mighty fun though. We had a really nice time.

Today is going to be filled with all of my grand plans for yesterday:
  • I have had the gauntlet thrown down and I need to create a really cool photo effect in photoshop - it is the pop out picture effect, you take a picture and then have someone popping out of it.
  • Work on Halloween sheets and the dying of them. And the testing of fabric paint to see which glows under the black lights best.
  • Tweaking the phone book ad for my work that I created.
  • Looking at a litter of pug puppies that someone in town is selling for like $50-100 each! $50-100 for a full bread pug puppy. How on earth can we pass that up?
Can I get them all done? Will I crap out like yesterday? Tune in tomorrow to see what happens.

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