Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seemingly Random Things

Phew! Yesterday was a much better day in the land of Melanie. I think I've processed what I need to process and put into practice the practice of contentment. Some other things:

*Justin and I bought 2 pond kits a few months ago and haven't put in either one because it requires work...hard labor...and I am not up for that kind of event, ever. I haven't motivated Justin to get it done, because he would request my help. So the ponds sat in our garage. That is until Justin decided to put the first pond in himself and asked his friend Scott for help. Which is so the way to go! I am SO glad that Justin and Scott became such good friends, especially because Scott doesn't mind actually doing work and getting dirty . Anyway, Justin and Scott dug the hole for the pond two days ago and set in the liner. The did this in 98 degree weather, crazy! But they got it in. And last night Justin and I filled the pond, set up the filter, grabbed rocks and put that around (temporarily, we have been shown a "secret" place for some cool rocks, we just need to go get them).

*My friend, Paul from England, is coming out for a visit for a few weeks around Halloween. He really wants to see our Haunted House and the weather will actually be normal and not a billion degrees. Paul will melt in the heat. It is a sad condition of him being English but it can happen. So we want to avoid the melting of Paul if at all possible. And this time (as opposed to last time when I just started my job) I'm actually going to take some time off so I can spend some time with Paul and do some tourist type things. YAY! In cool weather! Double YAY!

*A bunch of people have emailed me name suggestions for our new pug and I like them all! I'm leaning away from Martini and back to Pugsbunny and just calling her Bunny. Here are some names from friends and family: Blanche (Olive and Blanche - bahahaha!)...Bandit (because she looks like she has a mask)...Flower...Phoebe...Ping Pong...Number 3. I also came up with Pugmento (as in pimento...what goes into an olive) and I really like Spark Pug but that is more for a boy pug. I need more suggestions so keep them coming!

*I received a phone call yesterday on my cell phone. I was also answering calls on my cell for Hanly's Hounds. I answered the phone and on the other line said, "Hi, Melanie this is Shawn." I paused, because I know like 50 guy's named Shawn. And I couldn't figure out if it was a friend or a customer. So I became really confused and said, "Shawn...who?" And Shawn said, "Your sister's husband." That was totally unexpected because I don't think Shawn has ever called me before. But I still feel bad. Shawn, I'm sorry I didn't recognize your voice on the phone. Really though, your voice sounds totally different on the phone than in person.

*It is TOO HOT. Seriously, this summer has been just such torture. I can't tell you how I long for cool weather and the fall.

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Carol said...

LOL - I am sure Shawn didn't even give it a second thought. I would have called you myself, but I was running a bit late for class and was actually in the shower when he called you to figure out the schedule for the weekend.

Oh yeah - and Apple Hill starts this weekend. If you and Paul want to make it up here on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday - we can tour around "Gold Country" a bit and then end up at Apple Hill for some pie and cider. Let me know. :)